Streak Snapped, But These Lakers Are Showing Signs Of Life | Lakers Nation

Streak Snapped, But These Lakers Are Showing Signs Of Life | Lakers Nation.

I’m not certain about each of you, but even though there was disappointment following last night’s road loss at the hands of the Denver Nuggets, I wasn’t left with that overwhelming sense of discouragement that seemed to follow a majority of the other losses this season.

Part of that, admittedly, is because it came on the heels of the first 5-game winning streak of the season. Part of it, obviously, is because the additions of a healthy Steve Nash and Pau Gasol has led to a better brand of basketball out of the Purple and Gold. There should be no disillusion, the Los Angeles Lakers still have plenty of room to grow and develop. Trouble is, the pressure remains, as  they don’t have much time to do so. As has been oft-discussed, this team must find a way to improve while on the fly. Not only must they find an immediate understanding of D’Antoni’s offense, but they have to develop the type of chemistry, trust, and accountability this team simply hasn’t been able to cultivate over the…

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