Triple Threat Podcast- NBA Roundtable, Ft- Glenda G.

Click here for the show:

Jamieson and I were joined in the booth by the Co-Founder/Editor of and host of the Earnestly Speaking Radio Show EJ Christian. We tackled all the week’s action in the NBA. The Spurs and Denver are the hottest teams in the league, Miami’s absolute destruction of the Clippers,  the streaking Celtics, Pau Gasol‘s injury and more.

We were also joined by Glenda G, Radio Personality ( Busy Radio 103.3 Hartford) and huge Celtics fan, and fellow OpinioNation member Twan Staley (@BlackRedSoxFan). We record each Saturday morning at 11 am PST (2pm EST). Feel free to give us a call at   347-945-6550  or comment via Twitter at @LA_SportsTalk @TheRealJamieson @EJChristian7 @Glenda_G_


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